Jan 31, 2011

Spanish Lover Cycling Cap

From Galstudio... Spanish Love!

At the heart of Spanish cycling is The Vuelta. The love for the Grand Tour started in 1935. And due to political & economic hardship survived on and off until it ran annually since 1955. Many of the greats of cycling have won this prestigious race; Anquetil, Altig, Stablinski, Merckx, Ocana, Fuente, Lajerreta, Hinault, Delgado, Rominger, Ullrich, and most recently Vincenzo Nibali.

Although, it's the younger of the Grand Tours, the history is steeped with stronger foreign teams dominating right up to the seventies. However, it's the Spanish; the riders, fans & the dramatic countryside that provide the passion, pride & love for this great race...

Introducing, our newest for 2011; Galstudio's Spanish Lover Cycling Cap a classic in red with or without a black stripe to fire the passion for the Vuelta!

Spanish Lover w/ black under brim...
Both images: Copyright Galstudio

Jan 30, 2011

Artist's In The Window

On Saturday, Carolle and I were the Artist's In The Window. Karen has a different artist, each week creating & showcasing their art. A great idea. It's was an excellent opportunity to meet folks while finishing off our newest cycling cap. We will introduce it in the next few days because we just need to fine tune it and then we'll have it ready to go up on our Etsy shop. I believe you all will like it. With Spring just over the horizon our cycling caps is the perfect tonic one needs to start off the season.

Carolle has a cool video posted on her blog here.

And, It looks like Karen has invited us back sometime in June. There's a big project that Carolle and I will be involved in. Of course, I'll keep you all posted of the details!

Merckx à Montréal!

I like the dune buggy turn into camera vehicle!

Eddy Merckx never won a single Classic race in 1974. But, he did win the world championship in Montréal. It was his third rainbow jersey. Having won the Giro & Tour de France, the Cannibal was the first rider to take the Triple Crown of Cycling. Stephen Roche did the same in 1987.

Here's rare footage of Merckx and Poulidor as the only two left for the lead up to the final sprint. Unfortunate for Pou Pou... pure class for the Cannibal!

Jan 29, 2011

Pave Racer

Big Swede...
Backstedt at the Tour of Flanders...

The classic season is soon upon us. For me, anticipation means patiently waiting until March 19th with the big monumental kick-off to Milan SanRemo. Then, the pave pounding will begin with Ghent-Wevelgem on March 27th.

Entering into history as 
the first Swede to win it...

I couldn't even guess who would win them. Maybe it's too early. But, I know the riders that I'd love to see win. There's quite a few of them. The Flemish stones are my classic love. I call it the 'magic time' from March to April, is my favorite part of the season with the hell of the north to cap it all off.

Magnus Backstedt is one of my all-time favorite riders' over the pave. His 2004 season was amazing as the big Swede won Paris-Roubaix and finished second in Ghent-Wevelgem. Magnus Maximus was perfectly suited for the cobbles along with the powerful punch needed to last and win.

Magnus Backstedt said this about his amazing pave victory...

"The showers at Roubaix are a very, very special place. There is so much tradition behind them, and when you get there you know that you've made it and that you've finished the race, so you're pretty content about it all. So what was I thinking in 2004?  I was just over the moon that I'd won the race. The first couple of hours after the race were a big blur, but finally reaching the showers is all part of the history. After 100 odd races, they've run out of space in the cubicles for the winners' name plates, so my name is set in the stones under the kilometre-to-go-sign. That's why I love Paris-Roubaix - there's so much history behind it."

His Paris-Roubaix 2004 win was his crowning achievement ...set to stone.

Galstudio's classic Pave Racer Cycling Cap...

Pavé meditation...

Jan 28, 2011

Zappi has arrived!

LOVING  the Zappi gear... 
I'm over the moon or should I say over my handlebars! 
Now, if only I had my bike!

I'm so happy & grateful to receive the wonderful gift's from both Flavio Zappi & Steve from Oxford, UK! 

I can say I tore into the package as soon as I grabbed it out of the mailman's hands. I'm sure he didn't mind. Inside, I found a striking Zappi's zipped jersey, team cap, mussette bag, UCI sticker, & cool postcards!  

The jersey is a full zipped one, beautifully made with white banding on the chest and shoulders with 'Zappi's' on it. Both retro and Italian tricolore a gorgeous statement and one I'll be proud to wear. Ex-pro, Flavio Zappi has a cycling club out of Oxford, UK last posted here. At the 1984 Giro, Flavio rode for Metauromobili-Pinarello and finished a close second behind Laurent Fignon in the KOMs classification.

This is the package that was suppose to arrive before Christmas. However, $^@*! happens with holiday delays. For one reason or another the package was re-directed back to the UK. And, Steve took the extra effort to re-send it and now it's in my happy arms. 

Many THANKS to Flavio & Steve for making it ALL possible!

Whoopee! Going Old School...
My post Christmas gift(s)!

Jan 27, 2011

1984 with Lucien Van Impe

Cool dots...
on the back of my 1984 racing license.

Lucien Van Impe is considered as one of the finest grimpeurs in the history of cycling. The Belgian was well known in the mountains, winning six KOM's jerseys in the Tour & two in the Giro.

Lucien Van Impe... a worthy Flandrian!

When I first followed cycling, I sat mesmerized watching the 1983 Tour and marveled at the climbing talents; Jimenez, Millar, Delgado & Van Impe. When I took out a racing license, in 1984, I put a picture of Van Impe on the back of the license for inspiration. I never won any of the races I entered but it's cool to see him with the polka dot jersey and the gloves riding a Pinarello.

In the winter of 1984, I had the experience of my life meeting Giovanni Pinarello at his factory in Treviso, Italy. A very special honor to meet him and to see the beautiful racing bicycles being built for the Metauromobili Pro team. I also met and talked to team manager, Roberto Poggiali. I remember him, with curly hair and a thick handlebar moustache, saying how good Van Impe was riding and that he seemed sad that the Belgian star would leave at the end of the season. Van Impe was indeed leaving for Italian team Santini-Krups-Conti for 1985.

Nevertheless, 1983 was a successful season for him. He accomplished the double Tour/Giro KOMs title. And, he won the Belgian National Championship road race at the age of 37! That was his last polka dot jersey and perhaps the most symbolic tying the eagle of Toledo, Federico Bahamontes with six wins.

A gifted climber and a true Flandrian!

1977 KOMs...
ANP Photo

Making Thevenet hurt big time...
1975 KOMs
Photo L'Equipe

Along with the Gypsy...
Classy Flandrians.

Crushing it!...

Shaking on it with the Badger...
1978 Tdf. 

1983 Giro KOMs.

Jan 26, 2011

Sponsoring now at Cycling Art!

At Wiggle you can buy a wide range bikes, road bikes & cycling

I'm extremely excited & proud to have the fine cycling website Wiggle as my first sponsor. My goal is to have a few more fine cycling related sponsors to present to you, my readers.

Wiggle is from the UK and one of the largest online retailer of cycling, running, swimming and triathlon gear. I definitely check their store out quite often. They have a comprehensive selection of all things a cycling nut, like myself, would wish for. A good incentive is Canadian shipping is free with orders over $83 dollars and what really works for me is that they accept PayPal.

Go ahead click the Sponsor link and start shopping!

Jan 25, 2011

Jan 23, 2011

Le Meilleur Grimpeur: Imerio Massignan

Imerio Massignan.

I have enormous respect for the unheralded heroes of cycling. Those riders consider as the workers; domestiques, and gregario. They're numerous and win very little but contribute hugely to the team. Italian, Imerio Massignan was one such rider who did very well in the mountains of the Tour.

I imagine the Flea with dots on...

He was a climber, a very good one. Massignan was professional from 1959 to 1970 mostly for Italian teams. And, in his first season finished a close second, in the 1959 Giro mountains classification, to Charly Gaul.

His pedigree was climbing, in the 1960 Tour, he won the mountains classification and finished 10th overall. He returned, the following year, rising above all challengers with a stage victory at Superbagnères. Again, he won the mountains title this time finishing 4th overall. Bear in mind, the polka dot jersey was not introduced until 1975 and in a way it's a shame this great grimpeur never had the chance to show off the dots. Come to think of it, the very first KOMs champion, Vicente Trueba (known as 'The Flea of Torrelavega') would've looked equally impressive bounding up the mountains with the dots on.

I tip our Polka Dots to him...

So, without further ado, I tip our Galstudio Polka Dots Cycling Cap to grimpeur extraordinaire; double winner of the King of the Mountains.... Imerio Massignan!

Imerio Massignan riding with Jacques Anquetil to stage victory at
Superbagnères, 1961 Tdf.

Climbing with Anquetil at the 1961 Giro.

Jan 21, 2011

Presta Winter Cycling Cap

Galstudio Presta Winter Cycling Cap.

On these cold days, our winter cycling caps are a popular item. And what better way than to keep your bucket warm and dry with our Galstudio handmade Winter Cycling Caps. The Presta Winter Cap is now back in stock on our Etsy site. I know the days are somewhat hum drum & grey, but liven your bike ride or walks with one of our  fun & functional winter caps!

Jan 20, 2011

2009 Paris-Roubaix

King of the pave...
Servais Knaven
From: http://www.sport24.com/cyclisme/

Excellent black and white images from the 2009 Paris-Roubaix from and an unknown photographer. Without their bikes, the riders look more like coalminers after a hard day in the pit.

Only black and white can accurately render the beauty of this great race!

Greg Henderson

Cofidis teammates; Sebastien Minard & Florent Brard.

Jan 18, 2011

Le Maillot Tricolore

Jacques Anquetil 1956...

One of my all time favorite jerseys is the French National Cycling Jersey. The tricolore displayed with the three horizontal bands reflect a bold yet understated look. Here's a selection of some of the classy jerseys of the past. Jacques Anquetil, surprisingly, never won the national road race. Known also as a talented track rider, Monsieur Chrono was the 1956 National Champion in Track Pursuit. 

Vive la France!

 Raymond Poulidor 1961...

Bernard Hinault 1978...

Laurent Fignon 1984...

deserves another look...

De Marchi's very cool vintage French wool jersey...

Eric Caritoux, 1989...

Laurent Jalabert, 1998...

Florent Brard, 2006...

Wonderful portrait, Paris-Roubaix 2006...
Florent Brard by Timm Kolln.

The most recent...
Thomas Voeckler in the new Team Europcar, 2011.

Jan 17, 2011

keys to success

Bikey Love.

I have my Campy NR gruppo put away, for now. So busy with my project Marinoni that it's taking up my time in a good way. I plan to re-use the old gruppo on another frame but until then I have a little Campy love on my key chain.

The bicycle wheel is is a fun piece I picked up, years ago, at a cool Montreal bike store called Maison des cycliste.

I love both designs; simple elegance!

Jan 16, 2011

The Emperor

Peter Post reveals the new1984 sponsor Panasonic jersey 
during the rest day at the 1983 Tour.

Upon hearing the passing of Peter Post, I was eager to do some research and I believe there were two sides to the man they called the Emperor.

For one, he was a monster for Six day racing. Thus the nickname, "The Emperor of the Six Days". He was the first dutchman to win Paris-Roubaix and in 1964 battled the cobbles setting the record for the fastest in a classic over 200 km (45.131 km/hr).

When he retire in 1972 he transitioned easily as successful director sportif for Ti-Raleigh. Known to rule with an iron fist of discipline he kept his riders in line. He was also an astute businessman able to secure Panasonic in 1984. With a bigger budget, strong leadership and organization followed... at a price.

"One of his principles was never to be satisfied, even when he won," said Theo de Rooy, who rode for Post for 8 years. Alan Peiper said, "Post ruled Panasonic with an iron rod. He had a very powerful character and most of us were frightened of him."

The Emperor that ruled!

 Becoming the fastest winner of a classic longer 
than 200 km, 1964 Paris-Roubiax.

Jan 15, 2011

In the Fridge... Podcast Update.

Reminds me of Summer!

I'm happy to announce that the the first six episodes of Bikes, Books & Beer Podcasts are now available on iTunes. Check back on the iTunes site often. Soon, we will have the entire season one ready for you to download.

Meanwhile, Guy and I will return with a brand new season two of more informative and fun BBB's Podcast this February. I have a feeling that this new cycling season will be exciting as I'm looking forward to the start with the Santos Tour Down Under.

What's also new is in the fridge. In the past I've opened it and found books/magazines/articles and beer to review. I'll keep to this favorite theme with an added twist... news of what is percolating in my cycling world.

Of course, there's nothing like a new brew to showcase and ... try. Germany is the Fatherland of Beer and one of the oldest dating back to the 1700s is Wernesgruner Pils. Crisp, light and with a grassy smell it's only 4.9% and definitely easy to drink. Probably paired well with a German style lunch but I had delicious popcorn. I place it up there as a go to beer ...anytime!

Jan 13, 2011

My New Painted Marinoni Frame!

At this point I'm barely containing myself!
All photos by Carolle.

1987 was a good year for me. I bought my made to measure Marinoni bike and back then it looked amazing...

Carolle and I returned back to see Damian & Les of Peninsula Cycles and to check out my re-painted Marinoni frame. Wow! It looks better than what I expected!

My New Marinoni...
Carolle said, "Are you sure it's your old frame?"

You know, it's not the old frame any longer but a brand new one. The blue is so striking with the white bandings that it yells out retro cool. It's certainly much more of a statement when I see the finished frame and cradling it in my hands. Carolle's first reaction was of disbelief. She said, "Are you sure it's your old frame? What a smooth, seamless and beautiful airbrush paint job." Damian mentioned he was excited to see it the first time he opened up the box. His father, who sold Marinoni's, was also excited with the beautiful paint job.

I discovered small esoteric changes from what I requested of the headbadge; there is a swirl design instead of the world champion circle. Simone took care of the airbrushing and decided upon the contemporary swirl. Having my full name on the top tube is fantastic. It gives a personal touch to it. The details are touched up, too. The 'Marinoni' signature, at the back of the top tube, is in black and the seat stay 'Marinoni' script and 'M' is in white. Very attractive.

Simone changed the 'Marinoni' to two scripts running down on each side of the seat tube. I'm happy of the seat tube water bottle braze on. Initially, I planned to have the 'Marinoni' script down the middle of the seat tube. I'm glad Simone changed it. Now, I know it wouldn't work because of the braze on's.

I'm very grateful to Damian & Les of Peninsula Cycles of first offering the re-paint option to me. The results is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see my old friend complete. A special thank you to Simone, Giupseppe & crew at Cycles Marinoni for a superb job on making my old frame... new!

Next up, we're just waiting for word on the gruppo details and then building it. 2011 is starting to look pretty damn good...

Stay tuned!

That red speck at the bottom of the seat tube is a very nice
maple leaf!

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