Biniam Ghirmay: The silver promise of goods things to come

  Good things to come starts with a silver medal "I already wanted to try something in the loop around Overijse. But I noticed that a number of teams checked everything. Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain too. I realized it would be very difficult to get away, so I decided to aim for the sprint. I can. So I kept a low profile. I thought it was nervous and dangerous during the last kilometer. I was even a little scared. So I waited as long as possible in the belly of the group, kept calm and only came out at the last. I felt strong. Then you don't have to fight for your place if necessary.  I want to thank everyone. My team, which feels like family. They do much more for me than what I asked of them, even off-course. My teammates today. My family in Africa. And you, to listen to my story here. This is important for Eritrea and Africa. I am proud of my heritage. I now achieve silver, but one day I hope to take the rainbow jersey. Maybe in 2025, in Rwanda. I heard yesterday

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