Mauricio Soler: getting high and seeing polka dot's

The Colombian mountain goat bringing it in.
Mauricio Soler soloing to stage 9 victory towards Briançon at the 2007 Tour.
The polka dot's would soon be his!

If last years great performance of Colombian climber, Mauricio Soler says anything then we're in for another grand show up in the mountains. 'High' chances are that Soler will be tough to beat as he will defend his KOM jersey with full support from his team. Captain Soler will go into Saturday's Tour de France as Team Barloworld leader. Last year the 24 year old Colombian mountain goat out did everyone with his superior stage win to Briançon. He won the right to wear the polka dot jersey and brought it all the way to Paris, eventually finishing in 11th overall. Barloworld was a last minute addition to that Tour, a wildcard. The wildcard proved worthy. And he was the second Colombian rider ever to win the KOM competition.

In the 1985 Tour fellow country man, Lucho Herrera at the same age of 24, took two stages thus entering history as the first Colombian amateur to win the KOM competition. The great Herrera would do it again with a repeat KOM win at the 1987 Tour.

Ever since leaving this years Giro, Soler was force to retire from the race due to a fractured wrist. He trained well back in Colombia and was able to take off his wrist brace. For that month off it was probably the best thing to do and now he's in a very good position to defend his KOM jersey.

I like the fact that L'Alpe d'Huez is back and for a super climber like Soler ... he'll be seeing plenty of polka dot's!

A Colombian sprinter? Absolutely!
Lucho Herrera(right) sprints towards the line in front of Peter Winnen at Nancy, 1985 Tour de France.
He'll win two stages and the first KOM jersey for Colombia!
From: 'Tour 85'