RELAXED on Canada Day

Relaxed with 'Wong To Yick Wood Lock Medicated Balm.'

Relaxed with a very good expresso.

Relaxed just looking at the view.
'Gene' on Main street overlooking the Northshore mountains ... the blue in the distance.
All images by yours truly.

Today is Canada Day. And I rode this morning to the beach and back feeling sooo good. Yesterday, after wrenching my back at work I decided a short time off the bike was needed. To unkink the troublesome muscle spasm I used a Chinese medicated balm, called Wong To Yick Wood Lock. And you know, it worked!

After the ride I found another way of relaxing is to go out and sit at a cafe. Carolle and I met up with our friend, Annie and ventured out on Main Street. I had a very good expresso at 'Gene' in Mont Pleasant and relaxed gazing at the great view of the northshore mountains.

Yep, nice to have a day off!