The 250th blog, DIY mud flaps & my wish for rain!

The front mud flap fastened with black tie wraps & the perfect wire rope clamp!

I'm feeling in a celebratory mood, today. What better way to honor my 250th blog by showcasing my DIY mud flaps! 

Vancouver is in a deep freeze. We got hit big time with snow & sub zero temperatures,  - 7 Celsius today. It seems to be staying put until next week and the forecast is without rain. Here, in the 'wet coast' when it doesn't rain it's a cause for celebration. I can't truly test my mud flaps until the roads are actually wet so I figure that I would a least pickup the materials. And, what better way to have a functional mud flap on to keep the grit and soggy grime off from potentially damaging the drivetrain.

It all started out quite innocently last Saturday, as I ventured out to Tandy Leather Factory in Surrey. I went in looking for a piece of scrap leather roughly 1/4" thick. I did find one piece, although only 1/8" thick. The cashier looked at it and said, "Oh, just take it. Its too light for the scale!" Happily, I left with a free piece of leather!

Yesterday, I cut the leather to shape and saturated it with mink oil. Two advantages; waterproofing & preventing the leather from rotting. Next I drilled  holes in both fenders for the tie wraps. I was suspicious that the mud flaps wouldn't be heavy enough. With the spray off the tire & road would cause the mud flaps to ... flap! So, off I went to the hardware store and looked around until I discovered the weight I needed. I picked up a pack of galvanized 'wire rope clamps,' (costing me only $2.68) and secured it on the bottom end of both mud flaps acting as a mini weight. 

As I look up at the clear, blue skies, I can't help but think, "heres to another 250 blogs (clink!) and I hate to say it... my wish for rain!" 

That's the both of them. Now I'm awaiting the rain!
Both images by yours truly.


Jason B said…
Congratulations on your 250th blog. If I can get anywhere near that number I'll be very happy.
Richard said…
Thank you,

As I can't believe it, I aim to try to rant for a least 250 more!
Groover said…
Congratulations on both accounts. This is a very nice bike.
Richard said…
Thank you. I can't wait for the snow to melt & the rain to start!