Dec 27, 2008

Now is the winter of... content!

Spotted on Main street, Vancouver.
It reminds me of the old Olympic cycling logo.
I like this fancy shoulder bag with the retro cool bike design!

To paraphase Shakespeare's, 'Winter of discontent.' I ventured out merrily, after a few days of holidaze overindulgence of eating and drinking,  looking for something.

Vancouver's now in the midst of thawing out after a high deluge of the white stuff (around 70 centimeters). I'm looking at my bike and pondering the fact that it will be sometime until I ride, again. Feeling a touch of cabin fever or is it bike envy?  I ventured outside with camera in hand and at the ready...

Spotted down the street. 
Thawing out, that's a good thing.


Groover said...

I love the bag. Do you know who makes them? I want one! :-)

Richard said...

I'll check it out for you!

Groover said...

That would be great. Thanks.

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