Anew Day.

My Marinoni & front mudflap and still lots of snow. 
Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver.

Today, I jumped back on the bike with a mission: to rediscover my riding legs & test my much anticipated mudflap!

I rode for an hour and enjoyed every pedal stroke. A chilly day out (4 C) as I negotiated what little snow we have left on the side streets. I wasn't fooled, there's still a little and I took care. Vancouver had its share of record breaking snowfall. Around 110 centimeters in 4 weeks! A good sign to see other fellow cyclists back out on the road. Its been well over a month since I rode. And the mudflap worked extremely well, catching a lot of road grime. No doubt it will have a great working relationship with the fender. I actually changed the design and put together both to form one. The extra stiffness actually makes the mudflap from moving about. I hot glued the two leather pieces & set it aside to dry. Drilled two holes into my plastic fender & fastened the mudflap with black tie wraps. Then, to finish off a dab of hot glue on the end of the fender to hold it firmly in place. 

I'll give the mudflap a high mark of A+. And I'm glad to start off anew year of cycling!

My working mudflap.
Thats a chunk of snow on the road!


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