Bianchi: the seventies.

Felice Gimondi,
1978 Bianchi - Faema.

The seventies spawned great Italian teams. Bianchi was at the front of the pack. They dominated with mega star, Felice Gimondi as captain. The classy celeste never looked better...

The tale of the blue-green.

Many stories abound as to how Edoardo Bianchi founded the famous celeste color for his bikes.
The color was created in honor of Queen Margherita's eyes. Another story was after the Milan's sky. And, during the Second World War, the Italians mixed surplus green paint with blue to produce the famous color. And lastly, it was a paint mix up just days before the Giro. Nobody knows for sure but the origin of the beautiful color is legendary! 

1975 Bianchi - Campagnolo:

Giacinto Santambrogio.

Foresti Gianfranco.