Introducing my clipless pedals!

Thanks to Hans, my first clipless pedals.

Here's to the launch of my new 'Cycling Art Blog' header...

It's a new year. I have something to admit. For sometime now, I've been riding on clipless pedals shedding away the traditional Campagnolo pedals & toe clips. My trusty Marinoni is used both as a training & commuting bike working seamlessly well with my clipless pedals. It took me a long time to make the switch. After some twenty-one years, I finally knuckled under. Today, all cyclists can thank Bernard Hinault for introducing the new clipless pedal technology dating back to 1985!

The 1985 Giro d'Italia...
From:'Tour 85.'

The pioneering, clipless pedal-ing, patron.
Stage 10 to Paola.
The Badger powering full tilt with his new LOOK pedals!

Twenty-four years ago...

In the 1980's, the French ski-binding company LOOK (with Hinault as advisor) developed the one click pedal system that was both easy & efficient. The badger 'stepped' into the new clipless pedals at the 1985 Giro d'Italia. With the goal of winning a third Giro, he spearheaded the powerhouse La Vie Claire super team with support from a young 23 year old, Greg Lemond. 

Against the strong rival Francesco Moser, Hinault fought throughout that race with the outcome undecided until the final stage time trial. Both used all the available technology except for the pedals. Hinault used the new clipless pedals & Moser used the traditional. The Italian won the exciting stage, however, the Frenchman conceded only 7 seconds to take that Giro by only 1 minute 8 seconds. Did Hinault win the race due to the new pedals? 

No doubt it helped. And, most importantly he guided &  paved the way... improving pedal technology for all!

One huge & nasty spill, no time to pull out, 
all on traditional pedals.
Hinault was not in this pile up!

Take three.
Moser(2nd overall) & the smiling Badger victorious with his 3rd Giro!


Groover said…
I like the new header, Richard. Great scene. Is it Paris-Roubaix?
Richard said…
No. This print is entitled, "Help is on the way!" It's the 1980 Tour de France Stage 6, Lille to Compiegne.

It was particularly arduous because it crossed onto the famous cobblestones of Paris Roubaix!