My Linocut.

'On the pave.'
My dynamic cycling linocut!

All images © 2007 Richard Lee - All Rights Reserved.

I'm exhausted and happy after completing my first linocut since art school days. I started right after I picked up the supplies last Wednesday. Four days later, with plenty of effort, its done. 

The linocut is a printmaking technique invented  by the German expressionist artists of Die Brucke formed in Dresden, 1905.  To start, a sheet of linoleum is used. The same material used in contemporary flooring. A design is cut into the surface with various special, sharp blades. Ink is applied with a roller and impressed onto a substrate(paper). 

My finish cycling image is 4" X 5" on a 8" X 10", 140 Ibs, cold pressed acid free, natural white, watercolour paper.

Tedious & very involving work.
I'm cutting into the linoleum.

And linocut tools.
Ink, brayer(roller), cutting tools w/blades, the 'cut' linoleum!

I'm looking forward to my next one! 


Le Blaireau said…
Not sure I'd have the patience for this. Good stuff though for those that don't have huge pudgies at the end of their hands.