Belgium waterboy, Rene Van-Meenen rushes back towards his teamates.
Unfortunately, he would not finish this 1963 Tour.
From: 'Tour de France.'


Years ago, at the Tour & Giro, riders would stop at roadside cafes for a few drinks. These tireless workers would dash in and take from the shelves & refrigerator mostly anything they can fit into their back pockets. In those days, it was all glass bottles. And riders struggled with the enormous bottles sticking out of their sagging jerseys. Carrying that huge weight was insane. The smart ones would carry a bottle opener. On a hot long day, beer was a welcome item along with soda pop, fruit juice & mineral water. The cafe staff would be pleased as punch to have most of their cold drinks 'rob' from them. And rightly so... 

The next day Tour officials were surprised by the very expensive bill! 


No One Line said…
Funny - just a few days ago I saw this post on VeloGoGo.

Must have been a pain trying to open those bottles.
Richard said…
I've never heard of VeloGoGo until now. The bottle opener was the teams best friend!

Thanks for the comment
No One Line said…
yeah, VeloGoGo is a cool blog with some great photos and good video postings. such a coincidence that you posted such similar things so close together.

I really enjoy reading your blog - love your knowledge of classic racing history. and your Marinoni is gorgeous!
Richard said…
Hi No One Line,

Thank you very much!