Fine Portland Bike Stores.

A welcoming sign in Portland...
A sign of good things to come!

Yesterday, I finally rode my Marinoni and set out into the chilly(1 C) but sunny afternoon. Was I ever glad to ride again, especially coming back from my sendentary trip to Portland. It was a very nice city and I did a little shopping and went to the big box store, Performance Cycles for good deals on gear & equipment. Most notable are the two Vittoria Rubino Pro slicks & rain jacket/pants I bought all on sale.

Next, I pleasantly discover Revolver Bicycles with the fine help from Verg. I went in looking for elusive non-aero brake hoods. Verg reached for the Cane Creeks and I blurted out, "NO I don't want those again, they just split on me!" Without blinking an eye, Verg immediately went on line and made a few calls. While he was doing that I checked out the store. A nice shop, small but not too small, stocked well with many good names: Breezer, Surly & unknown to me, Traitor Cycles. I asked Verg where I could get a copy of Rouleur magazine. He didn't know that one could except online but he said that he would check for me. I exchanged business cards with him, thanked him and said goodbye and went onto the next shop.

Verg recommended, Veloce Bicycles. As I walked into the warm confines of the Italian style little shop, it felt right. It is everything a fine bike shop should be. Small, personal & very clean. Framed retro cycling pictures adorn the walls with a signed poster of the Cannibal at Roubaix. It did feel right! Owner, Demetri welcomed us and was extremely helpful in providing me with a set of Campy look alike brake hoods made by Euro-Asia Imports. Oh happy day!

He said to keep it constantly soaped up as a way of keeping the hood from cracking while putting it onto the lever. He mentioned, that back in the old days they used oil to help slip it on. Interestingly, back in the seventies, he graduated as a Campagnolo Certified Technician and definitely knows his Italian. Part of his bike collection is up on the wall proudly displayed. A Frejus, Pinarello & Cinelli hang in honor. Various vintage racing parts are on displayed in his showcase, too. Behind his front window is a beautiful pair of very old(70’s?) Detto Pietro Italian black leather cycling shoes complete with the original box. Sorry not for sale. In his display case is a pair of Lance Armstrong’s podium shoes won by the man after one his Tour victories.

My images from Veloce Cycles...

The Detto Pietro shoes new & unworn with the original box.
With retro hairnet beside.

Demetri's Campagnolo Technician Certificate
with a earlier photo of him.

Veloce also sells used Italian racing frames spiffed up to the customers needs. In fact, before we walked in, Demetri mentioned excitingly, that he sold a old Ciocc complete bike for $1450. Without tax, too. It was great to meet with Dimitri; a collector, enthusiast & bicycle shop owner. Before we said our goodbyes, he gave me a free issue of Bicycle Quarterly magazine. All in all, a fantastic day in some of Portland's finer bicycle shops.

My thanks to; Demetri & Verg for giving great advice & pointing me in the right direction!

Signed poster from Eddy Merckx riding the 1967 Paris-Roubaix.

A successful bike shop is always nice & clean.
And adorned with framed historical, cycling prints!

Coming very soon: Veloce... The Bikes!