On the streets of Portland.

Waking up to Portland.
That's me with a cup of Stumptown coffee
in front of the Ace Hotel.

Portland is a city full of exciting areas especially the downtown or 'old town' district. One evening, we went out looking for a restaurant. Ron and I strolled and found higher end bikes chained to the many racks in this unique bike friendly city. I must admit that coming from Vancouver where it's risky to do the same makes me gasp. There's no fear and I'm rightfully put in my place.

They have a streetcar that rolls along and is free, just in designated areas, to everyone. To encourage ridership, Vancouver transit could learn a thing or two from this liberal minded city. Bike riding is another popular mode of transportation and there's a plenty of it. Bike lanes are smartly incorporated on the streets and it works seamlessly.

I like Portland!

My Photo essay: 'On the streets of Portland'...

Bikes blending well & living harmoniously on the streets make perfect sense.

So well marked.

No Fear...
Without a care in the world.
A Bianchi Pista parked & locked up.

No fear continue...
Independent Fabrication road bike locked
to one of the many accessible blue bike racks.

Have fear...
One important warning sign to notice.
Beware of the streetcar tracks!

Coming next: Portland + Microbeer!