Veloce...The Bikes.

My photo essay of Veloce Bicycles, Portland.

This is a bicycle store for serious cyclists & enthusiasts. Friendly owner, Demetri Macrigeanis has an Italian style bicycle shop that sells both new and used racing bikes & frames. Part of his own collection is on display. All you have to do is look up and you'll see a dazzling array of vintage bicycles.

If you're in Portland, I highly recommend Veloce for new or used racing bikes!

I've Gone To Steel Heaven...

Benotto track frame.

1971 Cinell with hat & musette.

1961 Frejus track bike.
What a gorgeous jersey!

Gios Torino frame ala De Vlaeminck!

Masi fixies!

One of my favorites, a 1981 Pinarello.
This one reminds me of my visit, many years ago, to Treviso!

Once again, huge thanks to Demetri & Ryan of Veloce Bicycles!

Coming up: On the streets of Portland.


Jason said…
Nice shop. I'm loving the Gios Torino frame!
Richard said…
Yeah! And it was only $450 USD!
Jason said…
I'm sure you were very tempted to buy it, I know I would have had to use all my will power to stop myself.