The Cramerotti Viadante lugged frame
prominently on displayed.
The Celeste like paint scheme is similar to another famous Italian frame builder!

I rode over to friendly Campione Cycles with Ron for a second look of the Cramerotti 'Biscotti' steel road frame. A very beautiful steel 'made in Italy' frame worthy in any distinguished bike collection. Straight road geometry and no sloping top tube on this retro Italian frame. He's highly interested in the 'Biscotti' steel frame/fork minus the beautiful lug work but still very eye catching. Color choice is virtually endless with a rich palette range. I love the light blue or what I call the Azzurro Ferretti blue. Italian love? I'm starting to want one, too! And, how can you not like the white band on the down tube? It's classic! The Campagnolo Veloce looks likely the comparable gruppo for his needs. He'll digest the numbers and I feel time is on his side until he makes the final decision to buy it. I hope it's soon...

When he does, I can't wait to ride it!