In the glory of the trine!

Taken it for 'granite'...
1st. Torpedo Tom
2nd. Pippo
3rd. The Hammer
4th. Leif Hoste, 5th. J. Van Summeren, 6th. J.A. Flecha,
44th. G. Hincapie.

I'm spending this dreary rainy day inside creating a new painting on ... Paris-Roubaix. The rain soaked day won't keep me down as I just witnessed the brutal ride from Torpedo Tom as he swerved around fallen riders and stayed on his Specialized bike long enough to join an elite circle. He now belongs with the luminaries of the trine: Octave Lapize, Gaston Rebry, Rik Van Looy, Eddy Merckx, Francesco Moser & Johan Museeuw. With some twenty k's to go my favorite's, Flecha & Hushovd literally fell by the wayside giving Boonen the chance to ride on through. Only the chasing Pozzato provided the last ditch attempt by an adversary to challenge the Torpedo. He got close ... to within ten seconds. No one could catch him not even the Hammer as he tried in vain to bridge the gap. Which begs the question...

What would've the result been had the Arrow & the Hammer found themselves going mano to mano with Torpedo Tom for the final sprint?

There's always next year!

Fire three!
Today, the Queen gets hit a third time by the Torpedo!


Groover said…
It was great to watch. I did not stay up late (it was shown live here last night from 10:30 PM till about 1:30 AM) because a friend taped it. Not quite the same knowing already the outcome but still fascinating and gripping. Oh, by the way, it has been a very wet day here, too, and it still is pouring down.