Ok, it may not be the Arenberg forest & minus the throngs of fans...
...but, we're thinking of it!

This morning, I enjoyed a scenic ride with Guy, of le grimpeur fame, as we rode to Richmond & Steveston. A portion of the route was off the beaten path and on dirt & rock trails we named it appropriately, Richmond-Roubaix. To offset the almost 'pave' like conditions, we stopped for a much needed coffee where we came across a rather good looking Eddy Merckx steel bike. I thought that this was not an unusual creature for the pave. In fact, the owner was beside us having a morning coffee. Was he about to jump onto the 'pave'?

As the picturesque fishing village of Steveston lies beside the Fraser River, it's also well known for fantastic fish n' chips...

That just might be on the next ride!

Enjoying our java's and the site of the Eddy Merckx.
Hardly a rare creature on the pave!

On our Marinoni's and yet another dirt trail with Guy.
Riding beside the peaceful Fraser River
and I'm thinking of fish n' chips!


Me said…
Looks like a nice ride. BTW I use EverTrail to map and publish my rides on our blog: