Tour 89!

Lemond about to rip out Fignon's heart!

Do you know when you come across a book that you just can't put it down? I've collected the Tour series of books from 1983-1988. These fine books are on the Giro d'Italia & Le Tour de France and are simply one of my favorite cycling books. Written by Pierre Martin with contributions from the splendid photographer, Cos Vos is both captivating and reminiscent of the times. I first bought the Tour 83 at Velo-City Cycles in Edmonton and quickly fell in love with the great photos and cycling journalism. These books fed me the raw drama of European cycle sport. And kept my cycling interest.... alive. I craved more and bought the next two books. But unfortunately, I lost my connection with it and only found it again on E-bay. My friend, Duane who is an avid ebayer, helped me with the purchase and I now have Tour 89. Great find, it arrived this past weekend in mint condition.

That year was historical with Laurent Fignon showing his superior comeback form in securing victory in the Giro. His Tour was another story as his attempt for a third was pummeled into the tarmac by the other comeback kid, Greg Lemond. You will remember that he almost died in that shooting accident. The final time trial was an exercise in technology with the strongest man winning. The tri-bars & helmet, who can forget that! Lemond beating a surprised Fignon by a mere 8 seconds, the closest in Tour history.

I love this book and will re-read it over & over again for the wonderful writing & the great cycling imagery. Now that I have this, I'm looking for Tour 90!