Today, Carolle and I met with old friends, Toby & Pam who are two of three masterminds of Propellor Design based here in Vancouver. I have a direct tie end with them when their partner Nik contacted me about an incredible idea of creating a exhibition on Vancouver's bicycle culture. I quickly contacted Hans who in turn called up Fritz. Toby and Nik had an eye-opener of a visit to see Fritz's grand bicycle collection. I heard they were happily floored by it and I'm pleased to hear that Fritz donated four bicycles to the show. Toby and I both belonged to the Velocity Cycling Club back in Edmonton during the eighties so our cycling bond is strong.

Toby mentioned that they just finished working nonstop for about nine months and will launch the show this June 4th, 2009 - September 7th, 2009. It's called, "Velo-City, Vancouver & The Bicycle Revolution."

I'm very excited and if you have a chance, ride on by to see this unique bicycle exhibition!


Jason said…
sounds great, good luck with the project.