A bit of drama!

The wild & wet cobbles in Roma.
We all liked the dramatic finish!

Now, that the exciting Centenary Giro d'Italia is over, Denis Menchov (Rabobank) becomes the third Russian to win it. Evgeni Berzin (1994) & Pavel Tonkov (1996) were the other two famous Russian riders to win the Maglia Rosa. Most of the race really came between himself, Danilo Di Luca & Franco Pellizotti. And, Menchov became an important force to deal with after winning stage 12's ITT. On the last stage, the race turned dramatic over the wet, treacherous cobblestones of Rome. Menchov looked smooth but quickly slid over the slick cobbles with less than a kilometer remaining. Half of the Maglia Rosa should go to the quick thinking and quick acting mechanic by providing a spare bike along with a ginormous winning push. Can it get any more exciting as camera flashed back on to the Killer as he waited anxiously for Menchov to finish. No problem, forty-one seconds was the difference as Denis Menchov entered into Giro history.
A dramatic finish to a great Giro!