The Super Corsa SL.

Cicli Patelli is just outside Bologna, Italy a maker of fine bicycles. This is from their 1985 catalogue. It's difficult to find any historical information or website on the company. These two bikes are beautifully crafted in steel. My first choice goes to the blue Super Corsa!

The Professional Eco.

Rollers anyone?


Unknown said…
I have a Patelli Super Corsa SL frame I bought from this shop in Bologna in 1986. Back metalic paint and chrome as shown in the picture. Built it up with Campy Record/Super Record. Put 500 mile on it in the last 18 months. Frame is 4lbs 6 oz. Just sent it in for repainting (had to melt out the stem and seatpost). Great ride. Expect to get another 25 years out of it.
Richard said…
Ah, giving your love an second chance. I plan to do the same for my 1987 Marinoni this fall!
LoDog said…
I had a Patelli SuperCorsa frame that I bought from the shop in Bologna (Mr. Patelli himself, I think) in 1985. I bought the Campagnolo components separately and assembled the bike myself when I was back home. It was a very cool bike to ride around Northern California in the late '80s early '90s. Unfortunately, I sold it several years ago.
Richard said…
Nice. Sounds like a beauty!