Thinkin' about P-R.

Satisfied it's over...
but he'll be back!

I've been mulling it over and decided to go on my first ride in a week and a half. That's almost eternity for me but the sobering realization is that it rains pretty much everyday keeps me off the bike. As the weather turned for the better I was ready...

After the mucky ride.

This morning was nippy as I looked outside and felt the cold air but the Sun like me was gently peeking out. Four degrees Celsius, time to wear layers. I actually put on two leg warmers (a first) and made sure to put on my toasty merino top under my wool jersey. Add another jacket plus skullcap, winter gloves and the indispensable shoe covers to finish it all off. One last job and important one too, I filled up my water bottle with hot tea/honey to get ready for the cold.

I really like riding in the cold, maybe it's the thought of Paris-Roubaix. Or is it the Paris-Roubaix syndrome? I feel content bundling up for a cold weather ride. The roads were unflinchingly wet as the sun wasn't up to it's potential and hid away during most of my ride. Periodically, I glanced down to my bottom bracket collecting the muck and water off the road and all I thought was Paris-Roubiax. I started to look like a refugee from the race as my leg warmers & shoe covers were covered in road grime. A badge of courage? Ok without the dreaded pounding from the pavé, I still think so.

First off; liberal use of warm water/detergent...

After my grimy adventure I thought of Sean Kelly's days as a rider and what he did after a grimy ride. He washed his bike down with warm water/mild detergent and and then puts the hose to it. A two time winner of P-R can't be wrong. I did the same. It's satisfying washing away the dirt and getting the bike prime for another tussle. I enjoy this ritual. My own mini Roubaix!

And hose it off!


AMR said…
I loved my hot tea & honey for my winter rides (12 C). Riding in the cold is nice indeed... just take, a few more minutes to get warm. Then, it becomes refreshing.
Richard said…
I'm ready for another cold ride.

I lived in Colorado, then Wyoming and learned to love riding in the cold. Zero degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact, would be my morning challenge. Rain, however, is not my friend!
Richard said…
Zero degrees, I've never gone there. But this morning was pretty close. I moved here from Alberta in 1987 and still can't get use to the bloody rain!