My special 500th post + Giveaway!

To my 500th post....
and many more!

I can’t believe it. I’ve reached a blogging milestone. This is my 500th post!

Many thanks to all that have looked in over the past two years & two months to read my stories. It seems like a lifetime ago I first sat down to blog. My start wasn’t always so smooth. I had doubts if I could actually put thoughts to my computer screen let alone draw anyone to read it. But, after the first few posts I managed to find my cycling legs. Now I’m freewheeling with a lot of fun! Special thanks to Carolle for pushing me in the right direction!

Without further ado, to celebrate my 500th post I’m introducing a special giveaway…

All you have to do is leave a comment. It’s easy. Tell me your thoughts or just say hi. I’ll be giving away this fine cycling cap from Galstudio!

Here’s the deal:

1. Leave a comment. And have fun with this.
2. You can only comment once.
3. You have until December 18th.
4. The winner will be chosen by on December 19th.
5. I will announce the winner on December 19th.
6. Good luck everyone!



jonas lind said…
congratulations! well done.
Hi Richard. I'm going to buy one of your winter hats regardless!
Christoshan said…
Excellent job! I love your historical perspective on this, the greatest of all sports. Many more to you.
not to yield said…
Best blog! Check it everyday. Great old school photos. How about book reviews from readers? Post photos of readers old school bikes? Keep up the great work!
mds said…
Hi Richard,

I've been enjoying your blog immensely over the past few weeks since I first discovered it. I'm relatively new to cycling and a complete neophyte in terms of navigating the blogosphere. I've been having a great (and illuminating) time reading your newest posts as well as working through your archives. It's been a great way for me to combine my two new obsessions.

Congratulations on reaching 500 posts. I've been meaning to leave a comment for some time but haven't quite worked up the courage to do so. This occasion like a great excuse to do so. I'm really looking forward to looking at your archived postings which I haven't had the chance to read yet and anything you choose to share with your readers in the future.


P.S. This post may appear sycophantic and opportunistic given my previous silence and your give away. I'd like to make it clear that I have an unusually large skull (bone, not brain, certainly no intelligence) that would render your beautiful prize useless to me. If you have any advice about where large-headed freaks might shop for cycling accessories to adorn the skull that would be most welcome.
Andy said…
Just checked out your blog (thanks to the tweet). Great stuff. Great caps too! Look forward to the next 500.
Eric said…
Congrats! I really enjoy your blog, especially when a Canadian hero makes an appearance. Keep up the good work!
Lisa said…
Great stuff! cool caps!
Sally Lee™ said…
Dear Richard:

I found you through on the introduce yourself section. Your site is fantastic! My family owned a bicycle shop during the 1960's and 70's so you've really brought back many great memories.

Warm regards,
I only found your blog recently, but I've loved reading every single entry I've read - and that's been quite a lot of entries...

I'm looking forward to the next 500!

Groover said…
Congratulations on your milestone and I'm looking forward to the next 500 posts. Keep it up!

Oh, and by the way, I'm not just commenting for the give-away ;-)
fojoxctf said…
Congrats and keep cycling!!
Bear said…
Well done at reaching that milestone. How long till you get to 1000??
Congrats on the huge milestone! Your posts are entertaining.
Ron said…
---CRASSSSHH--- !!

Ah. Congrats. Keep giving us the insights you have got tucked away there under the cycing cap. :)
Cote d'Azur said…
congrats and keep writing. I enjoy your reading posts with a good cup of strong coffee in the morning. They go well together.
hwianshirt said…
Congrats on the 500. I really like reading your unique outlook on this (sometimes very confusing!) sport. Keep up the great work.
Mike Testing said…
I raced passed your blog a few weeks ago. Nice content. I'm also learning a lot. Do you have advice for a cyclist who has painfull feet due to wearing his spd shoes many hours a day?