Gone with the wind!

Gone on the Kapelmuur!

The new Lion of Flanders is the Swiss Bear,  Fabian Cancellara.  He was the strongest beating out a certain home favorite Torpedo Tom Boonen fair and square. The rest of the field was left behind as the dynamic duo  rode away on the Molenberg climb. Then all hell broke loose as a good chasing group led by  Millar, Gilbert and Leukemans tried in vain as the two man freight train was too fast.  A second select group containing hopefuls; Hincapie, Devolder, Flecha was simply too far back.

The decisive moment  was on the murderous Kapelmuur climb as the time trial champ put an end to the Torpedo. He rode away from him. As he rode towards the finish the glory would be his when he flash  his lucky charm to the cameras. His  third Monument with  wins in the  2006 Paris-Roubaix & 2008 Milan-Sanremo. He is only the second Swiss rider to win the Ronde. Heiri Suter did it in 1923 with a twist.

Suter won both the Ronde and Paris-Roubaix that same year. With his Flanders  finesse, I believe  the Swiss Bear is closer to a double reality!

The Final Three:

1. Fabian Cancellara
2. Tom Boonen
3. Philippe Gilbert

Heiri Suter was the first Swiss 
to win Flanders in 1923.


pablo vasquez said…
excelente reporte, estoy todos los días leyendo tu blog para enterarme de la competencia, ademas me parece muy interesante.

también me gustaría comprar unos de los gorros de ciclismo que tienes publicados.

saludos desde concepción- Chile
Richard said…
Hi Pablo

Go to Etsy and click on the cap you wish to purchase and follow the links.

Thank you for your interest!