What's in the fridge: Le Tour with a Black Cat Lager

A nice dark cat from the Canadian prairies.

I was down at my local beer/wine store this holiday Easter Friday to pick up something special. This store is in my neighborhood and supports a vast array of fine libations of the beer variety. It beats our government run liquor stores to shame. 

From one of my favorite towns Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ... I'd like to showcase  Black Cat Lager by Paddock Wood Brewing. This  pleasing and tasty brew on the bottle says,  German style black lager with a  crisp dry finish.  Not a  lie.  A thirst quenching beer without any pretensions. Paint this cool cat black. So dark and  full bodied  with a 5 per cent  reminder to have another one,  this  would be just right  after a ride. Or just about  anytime!

Pair this Black Cat Lager with the excellent book, Tour de France by James Startt, celebrating its 100th anniversary.  Startt  admits being "nothing more than a flagrant piece of pack fodder" in the 1992 US Olympic Trials. We can be thankful he turned towards journalism and now resides in Paris as correspondent for Bicycling Magazine.

So here's to a fine book with a ...purrfect beer!

Jan Ullrich in the 1998 Tour of Scandal. 
He finished in second behind Marco Pantani.
Ullrich's look was suspicious as the Festina affair took hold.
Image from the book: Tour de France.