Something Wicked This Way Comes.

De Rosa Corum...
Azzurro Italia.

Why do they torture me? Soon I'll be buying a brand new steel road bike. And, although I decided that I was going to compliment my older 1987 Marinoni with another Marinoni, something else reared it's ...head badge. Guy was over for lunch and then we talked during our ride about the  De Rosa Corum Steel model. Oh, it's a beauty dressed in Deccadi Steel alright and has a catchy color name, too. It's color is Azzurro Italia. And it hits me right in my 'tifosi' heart. But, it's alluring with  just the right amount of TIG wielded love in a modern Italian body.

And steel is back into the racing scene. Look at the Indiana based  Men of Steel Racing Club (good article here) and their love for the steel road bike. They have a race ready steel Corum bike weighing in at 16 pounds! The Marinoni tears at me with it's familiar blend of Canadian/Italian sophistication and I know no other love ...until now.

Marinoni Piuma.


Unknown said…
L'acier c'est le top.
L'acier n'est pas mort.
Steel is the top.
The steel is not dead.

Le De Rosa est magnifique.
De Rosa is beautiful.

Jurgen said…
Definitely go with the DeRosa.

I love my mid-90s Marinoni, too, but they're not the same bikes now that they're no longer lugged frames made by the old man himself.
Richard said…

So true!


Bitten by the DeRosa... Thanks for your comment!
Marcello said…
hi richard,

you should opt for the DE ROSA. :-)

Richard said…

Jason said…
Richard, if you buy the De Rosa you won't regret it. I'm very happy with mine.
Richard said…

Which model do you have?
Jason said…
I have a Neo Primato.
Richard said…
The Neo Primato would be my other choice!