High for Burnaby Mountain.

Yesterday was my first time riding up Burnaby mountain. Guy and I traversed it going up to 370m or 1200 feet. It was steep as I doggedly found a steady tempo on my 42 X 24 old school gear. From my heavy breathing & equally heavy legs, I was ready to change gears. I turned to Guy and laughed and kept pushing thinking of the coffee reward at the top. Soon I'll be changing over to a suitable drivetrain but what kept me going was two things; having Guy beside & talking about old grimpeurs of the eighties. Notably, Frenchman mountain goat Robert Alban who won two mountain stages in the Tour. That was the time of the 42 T chainring, downtube shifters and plenty of uphill punishment. I can tell you I survived it. Once we got up there the view is amazing with Simon Fraser University nestled beside the condo/commercial development called UniverCity. Cooler up there with the change of altitude but it sure was nice to stop for the double expresso. What goes up must come down, and my favorite part is descending and that was such a rush. Great day!

Images are a mix from Guy & myself.


Did I count right, are you riding an 8-speed cassette with friction shifters?
Richard said…
It's actually a 7 speed!
AMR said…
Sounds like a nice ride up the mountain and nice B&W photos... I am also a double eSpresso drinker, that one looks almost like a bit of lube for the drive train... ;-)
Richard said…
Yikes, I drank the wrong stuff!
Ah, I miscounted then! Campagnolo Record! Back when it was still the good goods!
Richard said…
I love it, bombproof by Campagnolo!