Churning the big 5-0!

Happy birthday to me...
My 50th just got alot better!

Today, is a big day for me ... I'm 50! Although the thought of turning this pivotal age was so intimidating, now that I'm here it was certainly more of a chore getting here. I've never felt more mentally & physically better than ever. Must be the benefit from all the riding.

This morning started out ... with work. I promised myself not to stray close to the computer, but the pull was too strong. By noon I was finished and it was out to my favorite sushi eatery with Carolle & my old friend Jim. Then off to see and enjoy the company of my twin brother, Ron. It's kind of fun to celebrate it twice. It was so hot we indulge with a couple of beers in the shade. A couple of nice gifts from him is the Glenlivet & the Spanish Red Marques de Rojas. As a matter of fact, tonight's dinner was all handmade by Carolle and has a mix of Greek (spanakopita) and west coast (wild sockeye salmon/prawns) to it. I loved my homemade coconut cream birthday pie. It was all so delicious.

After an exquisite dinner we savored the Auchentoshan single malt scotch whisky. And, oohh it's sooo smooth with an agreeable sweetness triple distilled from bourbon oak casks. It's now my favorite.

In fact, we plan to extend the festivities toward the long weekend with even more fun!

Marques de Roja or Mouton Cadet?
Playing the role of wine taster. Actually I'm not
but I enjoy wine!


Groover said…
Happy birthday, Richard! Sounds like you had a great day ... but FIFTY? You are pulling our leg, right?
Richard said…
Thanks very much Sandra.

No leg pulling... I have the ancient Chinese secret for aging going for me. Of course, I can't reveal it.

Next season, I plan to take out a masters racing license. Are they going to be floored!
Jason said…
Happy birthday Richard. Like Sandra I can't believe your 50, you don't look a day over 49...

Just kidding, I thought you were in your thirties!!!

Hope you had a great day.
empidog said…
Happy Birthday Richard...I'll have Belgium one for you, I leave my job tomorrow, last day after 30yrs..So Mr Leffe and me are going to get aquainted....Have a great day..Speak soon Steve
Richard said…
Jason; Cheers, 50 is the new 30!

Steve: Fantastic, Leffe is one of my favorites, too. Hmm maybe I should go to the liquor store. Congrats on you're freedom! You'll have plenty of time to ride. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Bro! I couldn't have made it without ya!
GWR said…
I think your secret is an old Scottish elixir - that Auchentoshan sounds like quite the drop!
Richard said…
Ron: likewise bro!

Guy: Cheers. Who can argue with Scottish tradition!
Happy Birthday, Richard. For me, turning 50 seems like almost yesterday! ...well several yesterdays, to be honest ;-)
Richard said…
B: Thanks very much. Wow. It happened so quickly!