One more time: Bola del Mundo

Here's another look at the most exciting finish in this years Vuelta, the dizzying Bola del Mundo. The duel between Nibali and Mosquera is classic!


Jason said…
What an absolute classic of a finish! Nibali and Mosquera must be very proud of themselves.
Richard said…
I'll go out on a limb and say it's, so far, the most exciting cycling finish this year. Two great riders!
It looks incredibly steep! The road surface reminds me of the Onion Valley Road climb in the Eastern Sierras. The crowds were at least restrained just a little behind the tape. I always cringe when I see how close they come to the riders, and occasionally knock them down. The effort is unconceivable to most people.
Richard said…
Goes as steep as 22% average grade of 12.5%. I was thinking one of those crazed fans would topple the riders... I was crossing my fingers against that!