"Pass the Peanut Butter!"

Campy + Peanut Butter + My baked bread = Tasty Heaven!

In my toolbox...

I did some digging, of the internet kind, and found a very tasty bit of information on my Campagnolo Cotterless Crank Bolt Wrench.

The origin is from the sixties, tool #769 and of course made in Italy. It's a 15 mm closed wrench used to remove or install the crank bolts from the bottom bracket and to operate the crank extractor tool.

Here's the fun part, it's also called the, "Peanut Butter" wrench. Not only a finely crafted & practical tool but if you're ever stuck without a flat edge ....you can also use it to spread peanut butter on your bread!

Does that mean the Italians also created the peanut butter sandwich?


Gcantin said…
Thank's ,,,,,mine was unused for so long .....

Next step....campy tool case !

I used to have one of those, and several other tools made by Campagnolo. As with everything they made then, they were first rate and made to last while being elegant at the same time. BTW, I've found the derailleur pulleys.
Richard said…

Glad that I could help.


I'm starting a 'In my toolbox' series of posts on campy tools, I have quite a few...

Good stuff!
empidog said…
Good Stuff indeed..