Pedaling (Tool) Style

Brev. Campagnolo Love!

Here's my very trusty Campagnolo Splined Pedal Dustcap Tool, model number 710, produced in the sixties and purchased in the early eighties.

This handy palm sized tool (measuring 4 3/4") easily takes off my Nuovo Record pedal dustcap to expose a 11mm nut and washer protecting the 12 ball bearings. Campy designers were clever to make it two in one by including a 11mm hex end to loosen the nut to make it easier to repack the ball bearings. I had a look at the 23 year old ball bearings, still in very good shape. All I had to do was just add more grease!

My old Campagnolo sticker, from the eighties,
on my trusty toolbox.


Michael said…
Wow, did I need one of those recently. Proper tools for the job make things so much easier.
empidog said…
Hi Richard , Picked up a brand new one at a local bike shop in the clearance bin !! with a Motorolo and Z Team musettes...Any sign of the Zappi kit, I've just recieved a cap from Ontario today..Speak soon, Cheers
Richard said…
Hi Steve,

No not yet watching the mail! Ahh, nice pick up on a must have tool.

Very cool also on the musettes.