Paris-Roubaix Heroes

Masson after winning the 
1939 Paris-Roubaix.

Two great names of cycling passed away this past week... Belgium classic specialists' Raymond Impanis & Emile Masson Jr.

The two Belgium heroes both had their share of wins but they both won the Paris-Roubaix. Mr. Masson was the oldest and lived to the ripe age of 95. Way back in 1939, he won the cobbled classic. And like many from his time his career was cut short by five years of the Second World War.

Mr. Impanis died at 85 and was another classic specialist. He won Paris-Roubaix in 1954 holding the record for Paris-Roubaix starts with 16 finished in the top ten an amazing nine times. Retired rider Servais Knaven equalled the record last year.

Adieu to two great stars.


TRI714 said…
Any footage of the Paris-Roubaix should be inspirational to any cyclist. Those guys are animals.Hence the classics like "THE BADGER" etc.. again love this blog
Richard said…
Indeed, my favorite race..

Even though I'm a climber, this has always been my favorite Classic race. The best. Always a lot of drama.
rob ijbema said…
looks like they had a good life,despite the wars?
Richard said…
Yeah and every race is exciting, testimony to all the riders!
Richard said…
Hi Rob,

They look 'almost' relax. That's two wars... The Second & Roubaix, eh!