Made with Wool

1982 Giro...
Changing times,
Wool jerseys & lycra shorts.
(l to r): Tommy Prim, Bernard Hinault & Lucien Van Impe won with wool!

The eighties was the change for the wool cycling jersey in the pro peloton.

It was the original material for the cycling jersey, proving to be resilient, odor resistant and comfortable. I love the material able to wick moisture and regulate temperature even when it's wet. During the early eighties, clothing technology with the lighter weight lycra jersey changed the look of the peloton.

Gino Bartali 1953 Tour...
A time of collared wool jerseys with chest pockets.

It wasn't always pure wool in those great jerseys. The wool jersey was probably more popular in the early 1970's on the backs of the famous: Merckx (Faema), De Vlaeminck (Brooklyn), Gimondi (Salvarni) & Maertens (Flandria). The scratchy feel to wool was due to the change in fabric technology as the plastic fantastic began incorporating blended (up to 50%) with acrylic and other polyesters.

Today the wool jersey is back, for the consumers, benefiting from merino wool. I have two blended Italian wool jerseys of the eighties and a new merino wool from Road Holland of Florida (here). I happily wear all of them!

1906 Tour victor...
Rene Pottier wearing a long sleeve turtleneck wool jersey.
Is that the earliest version of the cycling cap?

Classy wool road kings, 1967...
Anquetil, Merckx & Gimondi


Trevor Woodford said…
I wear great merino wool kit from Shutt Velo Rapide....Great stuff!

Biking Badger said…
I'd love to wear wool but the heat here makes it unrealistic. maybe only for winter and maybe spring riding.
Richard said…
I can only wear it during the Fall & Winter months and into early Spring.
Richard said…

Very nice indeed!