Ride On ...To June Bike Month

It's June Bike Month here in Vancouver and on Saturday we had a terrific time as the artists in the window.

The nice weather is back! Bang on sunny and spot on warm. Carolle and I showcased our talent for making our famous handmade cycling caps at Bird On A Wire Creations.

Our terrific window display,
bike from Superchampion (Thanks to Jamie & Nic!) and my cyclingart framed prints
& cards!

We had plans to make more Ventoux and Espress O cycling caps. It wasn't to be. Our five hours flew by and folks came in to chat about my cycling art prints, purchase a cycling cap and inner tube wallets. One British gentleman told me an interesting story about his riding days in jolly ole England. He said back fifty years ago, riders would typically wear crude looking cycling caps and crude musette style bags draped over their backs. He said this to me whilst pointing to and commenting on how our cycling caps and Musette de Ville bags were by far better made than what he owned as a young rider. A wonderful cycling story.

It was a busy day as we only had time to complete more popular Espress O cycling caps. I'm thinking of coffee! Happily it's now back in stock. Hans stopped by decked out in a very cool old school Del Tongo jersey. Now, I'm cursing myself for not taking a photo of him. Also, Helene stopped by for a quick visit in between errands. Always appreciated to have support from our friends.

And, don't forget, we have our Etsy site for convenient online shopping. You will fine some excellent cycling caps on for sale.

Thanks to Karen for the opportunity to have us, once again, in the window. And, special thanks to Shelly for making this day extra fun!

My 1984 Metauromobili Pinarello jersey...
sorry not for sale!
That's the Vive la France cycling cap & Black on Black
Musette de Ville... definitely for sale!