Eddy B is Back!

Eddy B is back in the saddle!
Goss lunges for second, Hushovd takes third.

Just before the Tour, Edvald Boasson Hagen contracted shingles and could not ride the Norwegian championships. His chance at riding his second Tour was in jeopardy.

For those who do not know what shingles is-- a very very painful (I had it) blistering skin rash due to the virus that causes chickenpox. I still have a bit of scaring on my eyelid reminding me of that horrid experience.

So, it's good news that Boasson Hagen bounced back on the Sky Tour team and to show his talent, a victory on a rainy stage 6 to Lisieux. Well, the Norwegian sprinter won his biggest race since the 2009 Gent Wevelgem and produced Sky's first Tour stage win. He took the pressure off Sky. And his road wasn't so even. The past two years, he's had bad luck with injuries and now looks back to better health and success.

A superb victory for the 24 year old and also extra special;  a Norwegian podium with compatriot Thor Hushovd in third.


It's funny, but when I saw "Eddy B" I immediately thought of Eddie Borycewicz, the cycling coach for the 1980 Olympics. I qualified for the trials, but I didn't go (marital woes!). Old memories. Then we didn't go anyway. Afghanistan is still the killer of dreams, even today.
Richard said…
Right, they should designate them as 1 and 2.

Many countries boycotted that one...many dreams dashed! Thats excellent you qualified!