My Mt. Seymour Challenge

At the coffee shop.

Guy and I rode up to Mt. Seymour. And, I must say I suffered.

There's a very steep section before it starts, and the one part I underestimated. Today was a scorcher and it was hot like an oven with two lone cyclists (us) slowly roasting. It was so hot the wildlife never showed.  I had to let Guy go on up ahead. He got the cue when our conversation stopped (I think we talked about Philippe Gilbert) and as the road went upwards I started to gasp for air. Well, I lost my legs and gallantly made it up to the first turn where Guy was waiting. That was our turnaround and we raced down to our favorite coffee stop at the bottom.

Guy wanted to put in some miles for the upcoming Mt. Cypress Challenge hill climb (here). I'm going to opt out because it lies on the same weekend as the Whistler Farmer's Market. And, I know Carolle and I will be busy prepping for that. However, I mentioned to Guy that I can bring the team support car and shuttle him there. I'll be the cheering fan. He predicts around 40 minutes to complete it. I believe he can go sub 40.

As I had plenty of time to ponder about life, and gasp for air up Mt. Seymour, Guy slowly rode away from me. All I could see was the back of his rather good looking St. Neith jersey from Solo cycle clothing disappearing up the mountain.

We fueled for the much needed espresso and rode back crossing the Second Narrows bridge and back on the Vancouver side. I would say, it was a very hot day and although it was not my best climbing performance... I still enjoyed it!

Guy (le Grimpeur) with his usual two expressos...
ok, one's mine!