To the Warm Confines of The Musette Caffe

Convenient parking for my Marinoni!

On Friday, Guy and I fought hail and buckets of rain on our ride to finally reach the Musette Caffe.

It's one of those intangibles of April we encountered. Hail and rain met us as we slogged on deciding to stop along Pacific Street seeking refuge under an business awning. A worker popped out and asked us to come in and warm up. Hearty souls that we are, we refused and got back on our wet steeds and made it to the cafe.

It's unique, the only cafe in Vancouver where it's bicycle friendly. We both were welcome by the hospitable owner, Thomas inviting us inside along with our bikes. Given each a towel was a god-send as we parked our bikes in the very handy wood bike blocks.... very convenient!

The coffee was amazing, as it was still raining so a second cup was in order. As I was enjoying the coffee and watching the Vuelta Vasco on the flat screens (this makes so much sense),  I must admit that Thomas has the largest collection of retro jerseys and cycling memorabilia I've ever lay my eyes on.

If you haven't check it out, then you must! Musette Caffe is located at 1262 Burrard Street, Vancouver in the alley next to Jim Pattison Toyota... the perfect coffee stop before or after your ride!

Thanks again to Thomas and staff for taking care of two soggy riders!

Guy's Orbea drying out besides a gorgeous Moser steel.


Lovely Bianchi steel.

Love this peloton.


Michael said…
What a great place to stop into on a rainy day.
Richard said…
it was an oasis in the rain!
empidog said…
What a cracking place Rich....
Richard said…
Steve: Guy & I were more than glad we made it here! Eye-candy & excellent coffee!