Solid Form: Moser & der Panzerwagen

The Cycling Mosers,
(l to r): Moreno, Francesco, Diego, Aldo.

As we come closer to Giro time, how about first year pro Moreno Moser winning today's Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt?

This morning, I tuned into the race and watched 'der Panzerwagen' Tony Martin lead during the later stage of the race. Love that nickname for Martin the 2011 World TT champion.

Martin, returning after 3 weeks after colliding with a car in training, looked powerful and explosive... like a panzerwagen. He was the lone wolf until he was caught by; Moreno Moser (nephew of Francesco), Sergey Firsanov and teammate Dominique Nerz.

Twenty-one year old, Moreno Moser had other plans of his own to upset Martin's comeback. In the final kilometer, Moser escaped and won his second huge win of his first pro season. In February he won his race the Trofeo Laiqueglia. Tony Martin redeemed himself finishing a very strong fourth and showing that he is back from his accident.

Moreno Moser is on solid form, too early to compare him with Uncle Francesco... for now.

Brilliant victory for Moreno.

Der Panzerwagen back on track!
photo: Bettini