Friday File

The new Friday File starts
off with my new bike stand.

My new Friday File starts today, a look at all things cycling and sometimes non-cycling...

I received my new very cool and well made custom made bike stand from Jim. Of course, I haven't had the chance to put it through it's paces. It's been crazy with production with the new inner tube accessories. It's just a matter of having free time. I have to figure out the padding for the clamp, Jim gave me some foam for this purpose. Carolle has an idea, she mentioned using rubber inner tubes. I intend to use the clamp around my seat post, rather than the top tube. It's still unpainted, newly made, and I'll soon paint it over at Jim's work space. I'll be happy not to have to squat or further strain my back while cleaning my bike. It's going to be wonderful to have this tool. Stay tune for further developments.

Jonathan, of Road Holland, emailed me thanking Guy and I for our hospitality on his visit. I gave him a GRINTA CERVINIA cycling cap as a gift. When he returned home to Florida, he went out on a ride saying that it kept the rain out of his eyes, and calling it... an awesome addition to our line.

Guy and I have stage 5 of BikesBooksBeers Podcast now up to enjoy.

Carolle and I will be testing a new heavy duty sewing machine, for one week, that will speed up our Red Dots Cycling inner tube production. Stay tune.

UPDATE!: Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane: Here's the CBC interview on Hans' A Bicycle Ride: Vancouver 1974 now turned very famous...

I'll be riding, this Sunday, with the FRFuggitivi group and back with a old favorite route of mine, the Steveston Roubaix route. It will be fun to re-visit it for it's gravel sections. It's not Roubaix but the only thing that remotely resembles it. We currently have six riders and I hope to bring out my old friend Greg. I'll have pictures upcoming.


Jason said…
love the industrial look of the stand. i want one!
tjan said…
Step away from the arc welder... Looks great, very...sturdy!
Richard said…

I have to convince my friend Jim to sell this.


Jim's the master of the arc welder... cheers!