Friday File: Garmin Reels, Danielsons' Bike, Gastown GP & Sagan Saga Continues...

'Here is what happened to my bike.'
Tom Danielson's snapped in two Cervelo.

I'm feeling a little bummed writing this but here goes.

After watching today's carnage filled stage 6 to Metz, I was left wondering what for Garmin?

Their GC hope, Ryder Hesjedal crashed and obviously injured limped in 13:24 behind stage winner Peter 'the incredible Hulk' Sagan (watch video). Hesjedal looked, well defeated as he crossed the finish line in Metz. I've watched the video a few times and tried to figure out how this damning crash happened.

Sean Kelly said,

These kinds of crashes happen. Nobody wants to brake anymore. Everyone is pushing to be in the top 30 riders. Everybody is taking so many risks, and they will have crashes because of that. There are more crashes now, more, more, more, much more. The guys are taking more risks. Every litte bit of space, they try to push through. That's what's causing the crashes. I can only say what I am hearing from the other riders, that they are taking other risks.

Garmin blues...

Johan Van Summeren also limped in jersey and shorts shredded and revealing the all too common sight of road rash. The worst was Tom Danielson, abandoning the race and taken to hospital. Looking like a fractured team, I'm hoping Hesjedal and Van Summeren stays in. But the official statement came from the Garmin Sharp Barracuda camp. We'll know before the start of the hilly stage 7, how many more will decide not continue?

Garmin's Tour woes are dire but they had one silver lining, David Zabriske's super riding to escape with three kilometres remaining. Daring move. He was caught, and I was hoping he would stay all the way to win, a sprint formed with a 'Hulk' of a performance from Sagan to win his third stage. Zabriske did earn him the most aggressive rider award.

Stage 6, Épernay-Metz 207.5 km

Full results.

This Wednesday, the Gastown Gran Prix returns to Vancouver's Gastown. As part of BC Superweek of racing, tonight starts with the Tour de Delta.