FRFuggitivi: Steveston, Stripped of glory & Cipo

'Stripped of glory'...
in Steveston.

Sadly, we're approaching the end of August and I feel Summer's warm hold slowly loosening. No more hot, humid days. This morning, the temperature started on the cool side, but it turned out to be a nice pleasant ride as I met the squadra at the foot of the Richmond Skytrain bridge. The FRFuggitivi group rode into Steveston under sunny skies for our last ride of August.

We like Steveston. It's famous as an active fishing port and a tourist destination for it's quaint fishing village. It's also famous as a movie locale for The X-Files and Stargate SG-1. That's just two productions, there's many more.

Taking a break...
at Cafe Rocanini.

Conversation turned towards La Vuelta, Lance Armstrong and the USA Pro Challenge. How can we not talk about Jens Voigt and... Mario Cipolini. Mario mentioned that the Lion King is at the USA Pro Challenge doing what he does best... looking suavely good.

Great news; Mario and his wife will become new parents soon. In fact, he already asked me whether we produce kid's cycling caps. We do.

At Cafe Rocanini a middle-aged cyclist in an retro Discovery Channel jersey talked to Guy, after we both stared at the front page newspaper headlines, "Stripped of glory." I've seen many Discovery jerseys before but this one I haven't seen before. An odd looking blue and yellow.

The Armstrong aftermath has just begun.

And, to Mario ...It's true! Here's a picture of Cipo in all his cool glory at the USA Pro Challenge!

'Check out this hunk, rocking the open collared
shirt and mirrored shades in the VIP tent.'
From Twitter @nealrogers

The classy nautical crosswalk in Steveston.

All roads flat...
Pleasant ride today!


empidog said…
Looks great Rich....
Richard said…
Cheers Steve,

Riding around Steveston and Cipo... what could be better?