In The Fridge... Prost! to Argyle Armada.

The Foreward beckons one to start reading...

It was the best of time, it was the worst of times.

One of my old favorites is Holstein German Pilsner, a perfect old world brew to kick back with, especially during our hot days here, and enjoy the Argyle Armada (VeloPress) by Mark Johnson. I'll have a full review as soon as I'm finish enjoying this book on the American Garmin cycling team.

Perhaps more evident is the recent New York Times article by Garmin-Sharp team manager, Jonathan Vaughters admitting to doping. During his cycling career he rode for teams including US Postal Service and Credit Argricole and spoke of his regret at having used drugs. The reason, he says, for him leaving his life of a pro cyclist and make a 360 degree switch to team management with a mission: "where that choice was taken out of the equation through rigorous testing and a cultural shift that emphasized racing clean above winning. The choice for my athletes was eliminated."

Whilst Lance Armstrong is being reassessed by USADA, Vaughters has chosen to come out... it's never too late to come clean.

Thanks to Guy for lending me this!