Il Lombardia: Muro di Sormano & the Falling Leaves Cycling Cap

Holy! The Muro di Sormano returns!

The Giro di Lombardia is September 29th!

Actually the race has been renamed, Il Lombardia it will take place the first Saturday following the World Road Race Championships in the Netherlands. This years race will honor a famous former champion ... Felice Gimondi!

Gimondi will turn 70 on race day and the race will honor him by starting in his birthplace of Bergamo. The Phoenix won Lombardia in 1966 and 1973. He also won the 1973 World Road Race.

This 106th edition of Il Lombardia, also nicknamed the Race of the Falling leaves, has traditionally marked the end of the road racing season. Thats changed since the UCI has juggled and moved Paris-Tours to October 9th, Tour of Beijing (October 10-14) and will close the season with the new Tour of Hangzhou (October 17-21).

The Classic...

And, further excitement awaits...

The steep Muro di Sormano is back after 50 years. It's 2 km long but has a 17% average gradient, narrow and steep with stretches at 25%. From 1960-1962, the steep Muro forced many riders to dismount their bikes and walk it or be pushed by the tifosi. In 1960, World Champion Ercole Baldini used a 44X29, Van Looy was pushed by fans and Anquetil said it would be impossible to go up. We can thank the organizers for bringing the Muro back.

Although the classic Race of the Falling Leaves is next month, Red Dots Cycling is proud to introduce the new classic... the Falling Leaves Cycling Cap!

... with Italian tricolor!


AMR said…
Nice hat!!

I had a go at the Muro... and my Garmin never displayed <23%.

Managed 960 m with a 34/25 and 25mm tires. Big mistake!!

It is going to be awesome!!!
Richard said…
That Muro is going to be hell for the riders!

Sounds like the only way is walking up it...

Thanks! Enjoying reading your European adventure!