Omnium: It's Close for Tara Whitten

Tara Whitten in the Flying Lap 250 metre time trial.
photo: Leon Neal

Tara Whitten is in fourth place after three events in the two-day Omnium.

Points are awarded one for first, two for second, three for third and so on in each of six disciplines. How do she do after the first three events?

1. Flying Lap... 7th

2. Points Race... 3rd

3. Elimination Race... 8th

Tomorrow are her two strengths; the individual pursuit and scratch race. The final is the 500-metre time trial. Along with Gillian Carleton and Jasmin Glasesser won bronze in Saturday's team pursuit.

Whitten has 18 points, behind leaders with 12 points each: Laura Trott (GB) and Sarah Hammer (US). Annette Emondson (AUS) is in third with 17 points.

It's close. And, there is a very good chance that Tara Whitten may become the first Canadian to win two medals in London.