Pic of the Day: Lucho

Up and Away!
 via:  Mon Tour de France 1959

What a classic image of Lucho Herrera (Colombia-Varta) storming up the Alpe d'Huez in the 1984 Tour!

Monumental victory for Herrera making history as the first Colombian rider to win a Tour stage. With this amazing victory, Herrera cements himself as one of the finest Colombian climbers. He is the second rider to win the KOMs classifications in all three Grand Tours. Federico Bahamontes is the first.

Love this retro-image of the helmet-less Lucho wearing the classy 3-color Colombia wool jersey with the Vitus Carbone bike.


Jim said…
And check out the Vitus epoxied aluminum frame!
Richard said…
love those frames, love to have one!
Johnny Guzman said…
I've got an aluminum bonded Guerciotti that gets gingerly used from time to time. Very light and very fast, and could rival any modern carbon fiber bike made today.