Fifth Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of my blog.

I never knew this blog would go so long and at times I wonder how much more I can say. Of course, I cannot guarantee how long it will go but, I can say it's not ending anytime soon. I'm having too much fun and it's a joy communing with the cycling blogosphere. A heartfelt thank you to all my readers, the emails and comments. So, to celebrate my five years in cycling blogosphere I'm having a giveaway through Red Dots Cycling!

Autumn is here and Winter is fast approaching and that means a cold and icy grip. And a winter cycling cap is a vital part of every cyclists kit. With that in mind, I'll be offering the very beautiful and talented...

Flemish 100% Wool Winter Cycling Cap by Red Dots Cycling!

To find out how to win this, visit Red Dots Cycling Blog for the contest details. Act now, the contest ends this Monday @ 6 PM PDT!

Have fun and good luck!


Congrats my man....All the best for many years to come...
Richard said…
Thanks Steve! I'm ready, willing and able!