Human Butcher Shop.

The Queen Stage.

Former pro Pedro Delgado called Monday's Queen stage with four climbs a "human butcher shop."

The Spanish trio leads the leadership stalemate after today's exciting stage to Lagos de Covadonga that saw the relatively unknown, Antonio Piedra emerged as the hero. A fantastic solo win for Piedra and for his wildcard team Caja Rural.

As much as Contador keeps trying to ride away, Purito stays in his shadow with Valverde circling close by. This Vuelta is one of the most exciting editions ever.

Tomorrow is the Queen stage and by the jagged profile, will probably break the Spanish stalemate... promises to be a bloody one!

Antonio Piedra... today's hero!

A brilliant win!


Trevor said…
It certainly is proving to be a tremendous Vuelta.....

Richard said…
Now I can't wait to watch the drama on the Bol del mundo penultimate stage!
Unknown said…
I love that old-school Caja Rural kit . . . It's virtually identical to the CR kit of twenty-five years ago:
Richard said…
Glad to see it too classic design from the 80s!