CX World's: Kabush & Temptation of the Mud

Muddy Geoff Kabush finished 24th
and top Canuck.
via scott3roxracing

That was spectacular cross country worlds racing in Louisville Kentucky.

The organizers (kudos to them) managed to fit all the races on Saturday with the fear of flooding looming from the Ohio River. I watched the Junior, Women's and Men's events and, as a new fan of CX... now I'm a fan for life.

It really is survival of the fittest on a difficult and very technical course at the mercy of Mother Nature. In fact, Mother Nature did not disappoint as she showed off her attributes of bone-chilling cold, mud and snow. As the day turned the course into an unbearable mud bowl, I could only smile at the beauty of it all. I'm not surprised by the amazing performances of Marianne Vos and Sven Nys. Her wonderful move at the end removing her glasses and curtsied to the great crowd was class. I wonder, since the abdication of Queen Beatrix, does Vos qualify for the title? Only 25 years old her reign looks solid.

Canadian Geoff Kabush rode to a gallant muddy 24th place and the above image shows him right after his finish... a gladiator.

Chapeau! goes to the Louisville organizers and to the UCI for leaving Europe for an exciting American CX Worlds!

A muddy fun fest,
an unidentified Dutch rider.
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Vince Carter said…
That was awesome! You made it
Richard said…
No, no I watched it online.