Apr 16, 2013

Cycles Peugeot Poster from BicycleGifts

Are you a cycling fan looking for that unique gift? Then BicycleGifts.com is the place to go. Vintage cycling prints are just one of the many dizzying array of gifts/merchandise offered.

This image is the Peugeot Art Deco Vintage Bicycle Poster by Roger Perot dated 1931.

The French Cycles Peugeot started bicycle production in 1882 making a penny-farthing called Le Grand Bi. During the war years it made automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. During the 1950s, it's bicycle production hit it's stride rolling out 220,000 bicycles a year.

I love this image of the iconic lion trademark, created back in 1858 by an engraver, Justin Blazer.

There's more fantastic vintage poster art for sale, just ride on over to BicycleGifts.com!

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