Friday File: Viva il Giro!

Friday File... with an Italian flavor.

Giro d'ltalia starts tomorrow morning, for us on the west coast, it's an early call for me at 5 AM PDT. Stage One: Pizza came from Naples (the start) and Taylor Phinney was doing his best to sell it...

Hey it's pizzeria Phinney...
Pizza anyone?

Two-time Giro winner, Ivan Basso is out of the Giro with a saddle sore. A huge loss for his Cannondale team and not a heavy favorite to win -  a shame the Corsa Rosa will lose a colorful contender. We will have to see if he comes back for the Tour.

Bernard Hinault won his first Giro in 1980. The Badger looking exhausted
his pink pursuits will gather him a total of three Giro victories (1980, 1982, 1985)!

Ready for my next ride!

My new way of storing my Marinoni in my space challenged studio.

Canadians in the Giro:

Go Ryder!

One of my favorite squads I'll be following is FDJ. Canadian Dominique Rollin is on the squad... good luck to them for a stage win!

Orica at the team presentation today. Canadians Christian Meier and Sven Tuft will help the Aussie team for stage victories, notably for the TTT.

Here's a short video on why this race is so special... and the dancing nun is
having a lot of fun!